High Speed Roll Up Door That Can Be Used In Conjunction With Automated Equipment

With the continuous advancement of global industrialization. The improvement of factory production efficiency has become an important factor in the competitiveness of enterprises. In the process of achieving efficient production, the optimization of logistics operations is particularly critical. The traditional logistics operation mode often relies on labor and time costs are high. Therefore, enterprises are increasingly inclined to introduce automation equipment to realize the automation and intelligence of logistics. In this context. High speed roll up door that can be used in conjunction with automation equipment has become one of the important means to improve the efficiency of factory logistics.

The linkage mechanism between the High Speed Roll Up Door and the automation equipment

As a kind of door body with fast opening and closing speed, the high speed door can realize intelligent linkage with automation equipment. Its linkage mechanism mainly includes three steps of sensor detection, intelligent control and automation operation. First, through the sensors installed on the rapid rolling door. The environmental conditions around the door body can be monitored in real time. For example, the state of cargo transportation, personnel activities, etc. Once the sensor detects the relevant signal, the intelligent control system will be processed according to the preset parameters. Automatically adjust the opening and closing of the rapid rolling door. Finally, the rapid rolling door will be according to the instructions of the control system. Rapidly complete the opening or closing action. Realize seamless connection with automation equipment.

Impact on Factory Logistics Efficiency Improvement

Can be used with automation equipment linkage of the rapid rolling shutter door has a significant impact on the improvement of factory logistics efficiency. First of all, the rapid opening and closing speed of the rapid rolling door can greatly reduce the time of materials and equipment in and out of the workshop. Reduces the time cost of logistics operations. Secondly, the intelligent linkage of the rapid rolling shutter door and automation equipment makes the logistics operation more automated and intelligent. Reduces the possibility of human intervention and reduces operational risk. Finally, the stability and reliability of the rapid rolling shutter door further improves the efficiency and safety of factory logistics operations. Provides a strong support for the sustainable development of the enterprise.


Many factories have introduced fast rolling doors that can be used in conjunction with automated equipment into their production lines, with remarkable results. Take an automobile manufacturing plant for example. Robots and conveyor systems on the production line need fast and reliable logistics channels to complete the transportation of parts. Through the linkage with the rapid rolling shutter door. Can realize the seamless connection between the robot and conveyor belt system and the production area. Greatly improve the production efficiency and stability of logistics operations. At the same time, the rapid opening and closing speed of the rapid shutter door also helps to shorten the transportation time of materials. It further enhances the production efficiency of the factory.

Linkage application of high speed roll up door and AGV

The linkage control of the rapid gate and AGV is a kind of automation control method. When installing the rapid door, it is necessary to carry out wiring in advance and set the function of linkage with AGV cart. When the rapid door receives the passive signal from AGV, it automatically opens and closes the door. Realize the opening and closing control of the channel to ensure the smooth flow of the logistics channel.

With automation equipment linked to the use of rapid rolling doors as a key means to improve the efficiency of factory logistics. Has a broad application prospects and market demand. Through intelligent control and automated operation. The rapid rolling shutter door can realize the seamless connection with automation equipment, providing enterprises with efficient, safe and stable logistics operation solutions. In the future industrial production. Quick rolling door will become an important part of factory logistics automation.

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