Uncovering the dramatic changes of the rapid rolling door in ten years: the amazing difference between the past and the present!

As an indispensable equipment in modern industrial, commercial and residential fields. The rapid rolling door plays an important role in improving efficiency, saving energy and enhancing safety. With the continuous advancement of technology, rapid doors have undergone tremendous changes over the past decade, from design to functionality, from materials to the level of intelligence. All of which have been significantly improved. This article will delve into the differences between past and present rapid rolling door to reveal the pulse of development in this field.

Historical Review of Rapid Rolling Doors

Rapid rolling doors originated in the mid-20th century and were initially used for process control and environmental isolation in industrial production lines. Early rapid doors were made primarily of metal, were relatively slow and had simpler features. With the increase in industrial automation and commercial demand. Rapid doors became popular and some improvements were made in design and materials.

Characteristics and limitations of rapid rolling doors in the past

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In the past, the rapid rolling door usually adopts a simple design. And the door body is made of materials such as metal or plastic. With a single appearance and a lack of aesthetics and personalization. The speed when opening and closing is relatively slow, usually taking tens of seconds to complete. Which limits the efficiency of the use of doors. Mainly made of traditional materials such as metal or plastic. Which have certain limitations in terms of durability and corrosion resistance. In the past, rapid rolling doors mainly realized basic opening and closing functions. And lacked intelligent and customized functions In the past, rapid rolling doors had certain shortcomings in terms of safety and environmental protection.

Breakthroughs and innovations in modern rapid shutter doors

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Modern rapid doors have made great progress in design, function, materials and intelligence level. The design adopts more diversified forms and provides more styles, colors and patterns to choose from. Enabling the door body to integrate perfectly with the architectural style. Materials introduced more durable, environmentally friendly new materials. Such as composite materials, polycarbonate, etc., to enhance the durability and safety of the rapid door. Functionality increased intelligent control system, such as infrared sensor, remote control, etc., so that the rapid door is more convenient and intelligent.

Rapid Rolling Doors of the Past vs Modern Rapid Rolling Doors

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Design and appearance

The rapid rolling door in the past: the design is relatively simple, usually made of metal or plastic materials of a single color, monotonous appearance, lack of aesthetics.

Modern rapid shutter door: the design is more diversified, can be customized according to user needs. The appearance is more fashionable and beautiful, you can choose different colors and patterns, and match the architectural style.

Speed and efficiency

The past fast rolling door: opening and closing speed is relatively slow. Usually takes several dozen seconds, limiting the efficiency of import and export.

Modern fast rolling door: with faster response speed, opening and closing speed is significantly faster. Usually completed in a few seconds, greatly improving the efficiency of import and export and productivity. For example, SEPPES door industry’s rapid rolling door can do 1.2-2.0 M/S opening speed, greatly enhancing the efficiency of the workshop.

Material and durability

In the past, the fast rolling door: mainly used metal or plastic and other traditional materials, durability is limited, easy to be corroded and damaged.

Modern rapid shutter door: introduced more durable new materials. Such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, engineering plastics, etc., with better corrosion resistance and durability, prolonging the service life.

Function and Intelligent

The past rapid rolling door: relatively single function, mainly to achieve the opening and closing function, the lack of intelligent control system.

Modern rapid shutter door: increased intelligent functions. Such as infrared sensors, remote control, automatic identification system, etc., so that the door body is more intelligent, improve the safety and user experience.

Safety and environmental protection

The past rapid rolling door: there are certain shortcomings in security and environmental protection. Such as opening and closing there may be a risk of entrapment. The material may contain harmful substances.

Modern rapid shutter door: the design is more safe and reliable, using environmentally friendly materials, increased safety protection devices to ensure the safety of users and the environment

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Compared with the past, the modern rapid rolling door has made great progress in terms of design, speed, material, function and level of intelligence. However, the rapid rolling door technology is still in the process of continuous innovation and improvement. And is expected to achieve more intelligent, efficient and sustainable development in the future. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the rapid rolling door will continue to play an important role in the industrial and commercial fields. And bring more convenience and safety to people’s lives.

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