Exploring the high speed spiral door in the logistics and warehousing industry

With the development of the logistics industry and the increase in demand for warehousing. Improve warehousing efficiency, warehouse safety has become an important challenge for logistics companies. As a kind of high-efficiency, safe doors, high speed spiral door are gradually becoming one of the preferred equipment in the logistics and warehousing industry. In this paper, we will discuss the role of spiral door in the logistics and warehousing industry. In order to provide reference and reference for the development of the industry.

Improvement of loading and unloading efficiency

high speed spiral door

High speed spiral door has the characteristics of fast opening and closing. That can greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading of goods. It can complete the opening and closing action in a short period of time. So that the goods can be quickly in and out of the warehouse, speeding up the turnover of goods and improving the efficiency of logistics and warehousing. For example: the maximum opening speed of SEPPES rigid speed door can reach 1.5-2.0 m/s.

Securing Warehousing

High speed spiral door adopts lightweight double-layer aluminum alloy door plate. The thickness of single layer is 0.7 mm. The internal filling polyurethane foam insulation material. The total thickness of the door plate is 40 mm.It has good sealing and wind resistance. That can effectively prevent dust, foreign objects and other external factors from entering into the warehouse, and safeguard the safety of the storage goods. At the same time, it also has the function of fire prevention, anti-theft, etc., which can improve the security of the storage facilities and protect the goods from external aggression.

Enhance work efficiency

The rapid opening and closing of the high speed spiral door saves manual operation time, reduces labor costs and improves work efficiency. It can also be used in conjunction with logistics equipment (e.g., conveyor lines, forklifts, etc.) to realize automated loading and unloading, which further improves work efficiency and reduces the operating costs of logistics and warehousing.

Mechanism of action

High speed spiral Door controls the opening and closing of the door body through the motor drive and control system. And its mechanism of action mainly includes the rising and falling of the door body. And the rapid sliding of the door curtain. In the event of power failure. The door can also be opened through the handbrake device. If necessary, you can also add a reserve power supply to cope with power failure. In the process of rising and descending of the door body, through the power provided by the motor, the door body can quickly complete the opening and closing action; and the rapid sliding of the door curtain ensures the rapid response and running speed of the door.

high speed spiral door

As an important equipment in the logistics and warehousing industry. High speed spiral door plays an important role by improving loading and unloading efficiency, guaranteeing the safety of warehousing and enhancing work efficiency. In the future development, with the increasing demand for logistics and warehousing and the continuous progress of technology, rigid fast doors will play an increasingly important role for the development of logistics and warehousing industry to provide greater support and protection.

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